Ryan Lytle





“Man is the cruelest animal.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Trophies is a collection of needle felted taxidermy style mounts.   The relationship of humans and animals has always existed.  It can take the form of work, companionship, or even just coexistence. Trophies is a reflection of the Victorian era fascination with taxidermy and its ability to intrigue and provoke curiosity in its viewers.  Raw fleece is used to present these mounts in a cruelty-free fashion.  One does not have to hunt an animal to enjoy its presence.  Equally important, the loose fibers are compressed to create solid form signifying the bond between human-kind and animals. The animals chosen are all albino woodland creatures. Albino animals present a sense of uniqueness and purity, because they are devoid of pigment they often stand out and do not last long in the wild as they are easy targets for predators and hunters. Albinism occurs only once in every ten-thousand mammal births making it very uncommon. These albino animals represent a rare sense of individuality that literally wears it on its skin for the world to see.  

Works on exhibit in the Liz Moore Art Space and Linda Matney Gallery


Ryan was born and raised in the Hampton Roads area. He earned his A.A.A. and A.A. in Fine Arts from Northern Virginia Community College in 2013 and his B.A. in Studio Art from Christopher Newport University. He currently lives and works in Hampton, Virginia. Ryan is a sculptor who experiments with a variety of material including fiber and the process of needle felting. He gets inspiration from his natural curiosity and day to day life.