My work begins as an exorcism of images, words, or sounds from my mind onto surface.  They are exposed so that I might understand why my mind is fixed on them.  By beginning intuitively I don’t seek to avoid or exalt the mundane.  Paying attention to the gut is a realization that our bodies work with two brains: one of the central nervous system and the other the enteric nervous system.  The work develops as an ecological system based upon changing conditions, nutrients, room, and other pressures allowing it to evolve accordingly.  Some works take months or years to complete while others happen in a few days.  Each brings its own challenges.  I allow myself to trust my experiences journeying from the known into the unknown.  By exploring the interconnected features of daily life I am in a semi-continual state of attempting to understand, thinking I understand, and confusion.  It is as important as a phone doodle, a child’s drawing, or a dog digging in the dirt.  It is important because it is pleasurable.

Works at Linda Matney Gallery and Hauser's