Charlotte Lee

A native of Plant City, Florida, Charlotte Lee currently lives, works, paints, sews, sculpts, bakes and sings in Athens, Georgia. The child of artists, Charlotte grew up making objects from glitter, construction paper and glue at her parents’ paint-encrusted kitchen table. Formally, Charlotte studied art in Tampa, Massachusetts, Italy, Cuba and Georgia, and she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia. She recently completed a three-year stint working for Pop art master James Rosenquist at his studio and offices in the Gulf Coast fishing community of Aripeka. Charlotte now divides her time between performing with local Athens musicians, baking wedding cakes, brewing coffee and making art. Charlotte’s current body of work consists largely of non-traditional media and re-purposed objects and reflects a lifelong devotion to making art from things around her. When asked why she makes art, Charlotte responds with a mix of verve and disenchantment one might expect from a person who has never not made art,  “Why not?”