Jayson Lowery

Artist Statement


Much of my work is about form and structure as metaphor for contemplating the human experience.  I enjoy looking at how things are put together. Observing something’s grammar, anatomy, construction, or constitution gives insight into how it functions and how it influences our lives.  A city’s overall form, its larger buildings and infrastructure especially, are indicators of what is important to a society.  I often think about how these structures could be interpreted, or misinterpreted, if our culture were being excavated like Pompeii or Herculaneum. We attribute much of what we unearth of ancient cities as having to do with the spiritual lives of the people who built and occupied them.  If our large industrial complexes are looked at as temples, who or what are our gods?



Biographical Statement


Jayson Lowery has a MFA from Wayne State University (2004) and a BFA from Northern Arizona University (2000).  He teaches at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. He also taught at Wayne State University and at University of Oregon.   He exhibits in galleries and in outdoor exhibitions nationally and internationally. His work is installed at the Auburn Hills, Michigan and the Telford, United Kingdom offices of Electronic Data Systems Inc. (EDS Inc.). Commissions include the centerpiece for the Thomas Bonner Memorial Court on the Wayne State University campus in Detroit, Michigan.