Christi Harris



Christi Harris earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Missouri State in Springfield, Missouri. The year following graduation, she pursued her M.F.A. in painting and printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design, in Providence, Rhode Island, graduating in 1995.

Her major series of works since graduation have always focused on personal and societal issues, with an underlying reliance on technical skill while using formal arrangements of color, pattern and shape.  Her most recent series, “Meta-Palettes”, focuses on viewing her art process as an art product.  The larger-than-life imagery of the paint on her palette is used to create the focus of this series, painted in trompe l’oeil style with oils on canvas.

Her academic career has taken her to three states and seven teaching institutions.  Christi is Chair of the Department of Fine Art and Art History at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia where she teaches foundation and advanced studio courses in painting and drawing.