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Opening Reception for Jo Volley: New Works for the New World and "Matter"

Opening September 19, 2014

These small works explore the relationship between the object and the subject of painting, the intervening space between the idea and the touch; the emotional separateness of making and the expanse of time between these events. They address issues relating to the application of pigment, painting materials, colour values and surface, and the correlation of the image to the wall.

Jo Volley’s work is concerned with measurement, light, space and colour as light. They draw attention to the nature of archiving, historic materials, ideas of craftsmanship incorporating traditional and contemporary techniques.

"Matter" A Group Show Curated by Elizabeth Mead

In Philosophical Investigations, Wittgenstein says, “Something red can be destroyed, but red cannot be destroyed, and that is why the meaning of the word ‘red’ is independent of the existence of a red thing.”

While color is inherently present in all things visual and often in language, the imposition of it may be revealing, subtle, or forceful. Color enhances the intensity of our experience. Goethe called colors, " the deeds and suffering of light."

A bull charges at a red cape: the red inciting the audience and the movement agitating the bull. We are blue when we are sad and green with envy when jealously rears its ugly head. James Joyce revels in the corporeality of matter presenting us with puce gloves. Mark Rothko's luminous paintings transport us to a sacred space.

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