Shaun Preston

A Los Angeles native, Michael received his MFA in New Genres from UCLA and a BFA in Sculpture at the San Francisco Art Institute. He is the creator of the ArtX department at the University of Georgia. 

Along with being an associate professor in ArtX at the Lamar Dodd School of Art, he currently runs a design and fabrication studio in Athens GA. His studio produces artwork, design objects and furniture for himself and other clients.


My personal artwork is conceptually based with biological traces I use a wide range of media from large-scale print explorations in microscopy to multi-media installations and performances. Live animals, biological and nano scale materials, immigrant workers, hydroponics, radio signal technology, effects processors, and video are examples of my palette. My work questions our anthropomorphic views while presenting an existential perspective. I am in ah about life and am constantly questioning our existence. I look for clues in this emergent experience.