JOhN Lee Matney


John Lee Matney is the owner, director and principal curator at Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery in Williamsburg, VA- a contemporary art gallery- 

"Matney’s experience with collaborative artist exhibits spans the United States, drawing nationwide public and media attention.  The gallery also offers art brokerage services and art investment consulting. "

John Lee Matney is dedicated to hosting exhibitions of innovative emerging artists, as well as displaying the work of more established national and international artists, including works of painting, installation, video, photography, sculpture and performance. 
 John has established a research based contemporary gallery that develops thematic group shows and collaborative art projects with international and american artists, corporate and private patrons, curators, professors and qualified students. Lee has experience with curation and consulting for investment art , business forensics as it applies to programs management, and consulting for editorial fashion and art business in addition to his work as a photography professional , fine art photographer and multimedia artist. 

Specialties: Investment Art and Contemporary Art, Art Curation, Art Research , Consulting, Art Collections