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Opening Reception for Kristen Peyton: The Function of Light

Quadrant Panes , 2017, Oil on Canvas, 48 × 48 × 1 in; 121.9 × 121.9 × 2.5 cm

Quadrant Panes, 2017, Oil on Canvas, 48 × 48 × 1 in; 121.9 × 121.9 × 2.5 cm

Color in essence is a function of light. Where light exist, color follows—illuminating space and form.

"What holds the work together as a body in The Function of Light is not so much a common subject matter, but an exploration of color and color’s shape. Much of my work lacks figure or set-up, as I find myself more inclined to search for painting possibilities in the visual experiences of my everyday surroundings. My work, rather, is an active response to moments of visual surprise encountered naturally in daily living. I respond to a surprising interaction of color or an intriguing interplay of geometric shapes by which I can foresee a painting. Most often I am interested in small, unassuming scenes that present instances of visual tension and release.

My work aims to express my first impression and reveal my search for the aesthetic essentials of a chosen moment. I invite my perception of light and color to guide my image-making process and let intuition lead the way. I invent, omit, and simplify whenever necessary to arrive at a pleasing balance between observation and memory. My aim is to bring my viewer to profound presence by making known the poetics of color."