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Opening Reception for Taking the Time to Look

Liz Moore & Associates is excited to partner with the Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery and the College of William & Mary to display local art in the lobby of their Oyster Point office. 

The art exhibit, "Taking the Time to Look", will be unveiled on Wednesday, September 7th and will be accompanied by a wine and cheese reception from 5-7pm.

"Taking the Time to Look, presented by the Linda Matney Fine Art Gallery, is an exhibit of six artists associated with the College of William and Mary. Multi-tasking and technology distract from the process of "looking" at works of art and appreciating the true nature of our inner lives and the world around us. Each of the selected artists has produced works that reflect, navigate, and celebrate the transformative nature of art on our perceptions of reality. These perceptions, in turn, can transform ourselves and the spaces where we live and work for the better. Whatever the media from painting and drawing to sculpture much of the works in this exhibit tend toward a softer palette which lends itself to numerous decorative applications." - John Lee Matney