Nina Barnes 



Nina Aimee Barnes is a native Norwegian who relocated to Athens Georgia in 2002. She has been responsible for the aesthetics of the band of Montreal, making album art, tour visuals, photography and music videos. Together with Orenda Fink (Azure Ray) she created the art project Harouki Zombi which combines performance art, music and visual projections. Harouki Zombi put out an EP on Polyvinyl Records in 2012 to much critical acclaim.


 UFOrever is the manifistation of breaking points. When life turns in unexpected ways and you are alienated from your own understanding of yourself: as lovers leave, as family members die, their mirroring of you is also gone.  In the state over upheaval and new beginnings you are left to create a new identity, which is as alien to you as an UFO. Still the past will be within you and guide you towards the unknown.

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