Las Bicicletas at Peninsula Fine Art Center via Linda Matney Gallery

Thanks to Terry Buntrock who went to Washington D.C. and met with the managers of Las Bicicletas and convinced them to bring the sculptures to Williamsburg, these works were brought into the region.  John Lee Matney Art Consulting/Linda Matney Gallery partnered with the city and Las Bicicletas for the event on the Lawn at the Museums of Colonial Williamsburg with Steve Rose of Williamsburg  Event Rentals.  John Lee Matney Consulting created a pop art show featuring cycling based arts and other works by represented artists . A large cyanotype created by students of Eliot Dudik of the College of William and Mary was also included as well as works for sale by Newport News artist Gloria Coker, bicycle photographs from France created by Thais Shepard, silver gelatin prints of bicycles in Italy by Richard Knox Robinson, and tondos by Megan Marlatt.


According to Buntrock, "The Bicycles came to Williamsburg as part of our Public Art program in 2015. The UCI world cycling races were coming to Richmond, and because of the opening of the Capitol to Capitol Bike Trail along Route 50, Williamsburg was poised to host a lot of cycling events. The Bicycle Art was also a way for our town to celebrate our Bronze Level award as a cycle-friendly city."

 Las Bicicletas Sculptures were brought back to Virginia in 2016 by John Lee Matney Art Consulting thanks to funding provided by Glenn H. Shepard and are now installed at the Peninsula Fine Art Center in Newport News VA to accompany works in their new exhibit Game On.  We recently caught up with PFAC Curator Diana Blanchard Gross who commented on the installation

Why are the sculptures at the museum? 


 "The sculptures are on display at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center because many times we only focus on the works inside the museum whereas I like to also focus on the amazing grounds around the PFAC.  Since we are situated in a park setting where there are numerous runners, walker and bicyclists, it makes sense to place artwork outside to exposure more of our community to great art." 


How do they fit into the install and your vision for the exhibit and PFAC? 


 "Since we had decided to focus on sports and art for our summer exhibition in conjunction with the Summer Olympics, Las Bicicletas have enhanced our theme by focusing on sport of cycling.  The exhibition looks at numerous sports from golf to football to sailing.  Cycling is growing in this region and I wanted to highlight the sport as part of the exhibition.  "

Learn more about Game On at   or call (757) 596-8175

The museum is located at 101 Museum Dr, Newport News, VA 23606


More about Las Bicicletas and Gilberto Navarro


LAS BICICLETAS is an urban art exhibit created
by Mexican artist Gilberto Aceves Navarro.
It comprises 250 bicycle sculptures in black, white,
red and orange; colors that were used by the Mayan
culture to symbolize the four cardinal points.

The mission of LAS BICICLETAS is to promote
through art, the use of bicycles as an alternative mode
of transportation and to procure better living conditions
for all people in friendlier cities. Our objective is that
bicycles are universally recognized as vehicles of
happiness and health.

Gilberto Aceves Navarro (born in México City,
1931) is one of the most celebrated representatives
of contemporary art in Mexico. He assisted David
Alfaro Siqueiros as a young artist and has done
over 300 individual exhibits around the world. 

Some of the most recognized awards and
acknowledgements that the artist has received
are: The National University Award (National
Autonomous University of Mexico) in 1989,
The National Prize for Arts and Sciences in
2003 and The Gold Medal for Merit in Fine
Arts and Sciences in 2011. He has been invited
on numerous occasions to show his art in
Germany, Japan, Colombia and the
United States


Bicicletas are for sale via John Lee Matney Art Consulting.  Call (757) 675-6627 or email We have also teamed up with Navarro and his student on etchings that are available at the gallery. Contact us about these work as well as upcoming projects featuring Navarro and associated artists proposed for Virginia.