Chinese, born 1975

Landmark Arts and Cultural Exchange Company Collection

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"The oil paintings of professional artist Peng, Leihong (b. 1975, Hunan) demonstrate these connections between Eastern and Western art and balance realism and abstraction. Peng’s landscapes and figure paintings have a layered, almost pixelated effect created by the compositional structure, handling of paint, and subtle color combinations. In Dongzhai 5, for example, a tree in the foreground frames and is placed over a scene layered with houses, water, land, and mountains. The patterns of the branches, the splatters of paint, and the lines carved into impasto flatten the scene, while the use of white and blue creates reflections, suggesting depth. Peng’s choice of color along with the dots, splashes, thin lines, and sweeps of the brush almost seem like ink, while some works like Dongzhai 3 and Flower 4 are framed in the format of a traditional scroll painting. Blending naturalistic modeling and literati elements, these works illustrate Peng’s concept of “New Contemporary” art, which displays traditional Chinese subjects and forms and personal expression while being open to modern influences and current times."

-Margaret Richardson, Ph.D., Department of Fine Arts and Art History, Christopher Newport University

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