Daniel WHite



 Daniel White (b.1975) is a visual artist living in Decatur, Alabama. He earned his BFA in Studio Art form the University of Montevallo in 2000 and received his MFA from the School for American Crafts at RIT in 2002. His work can be found in private collections in the Southeast. After working full time in art museums for 10 years, he worked behind the scenes as a Preparator and later as a Museum Director. In addition to being a full time artist, he now works part time as an art professor.


 Painting is the way for me to communicate with the world within, and then the world around me. I've always needed to create art in this order. My work often deals with personal memory, and I am intrigued with how memory can alter and change over time, mostly out of my own need to either enhance or erase.  The scenes usually take place around lakes, or other bodies of water, a familiar setting from my upbringing.   In a larger sense, universal themes on the human condition are explored: vulnerability, humor, social interaction, love, and loss.