Anil Thambai


Artist statement                                                         

      Images of reversal twist my creative energy of ‘a carnival sense of world’. In my works, the images of reversal symbolize ideal of rethinking: finding multiple levels of meaning in images. The outrageous and contradictory images that make up carnival ambivalence require the activity of rethinking. I would like to see the process of my works similar to the buffering or the loading historical icons I repeatedly use in many of the images.  I suppose by explaining this I could dwell further into the process of my working. The time period of gathering information from very many corners within the stored memory of the computer as the present demands is what the buffering icon all about is. It’s the time period taken for that information gathered to be presented to us. My present working process involves a similar pattern generally. I try to gather information from very many sources and present it in my image. The process is not a predicted one. But as the necessity of each work or each image (say a command uttered/typed) I cull out images from my memory and from sources which are relevant to the overall image or language at hand. One can also see an over crowding of images which I feel is the particular necessity of adding more and more information to the said work at stake. The significance of such an endeavor is that its not a predictable journey and as each image or visual information is added the work offers the possibility of opening up in different manners unthinkable and not imagined when begun.

      Like the digital memory today the visual information in my works are stored not in a sequential pattern but are allocated randomly according the frequency, size, time and necessity.  I would see my working process as a sense of retrieval of this information stored in memory. This schema of my working might have been influenced by the multi linguistic culture of my hometown. The difference and similarities of the various linguistic cultures fascinates me. As known no language develops in isolation, there are always inter-textual references pointing to sources outside the given linguistic ambit and this makes the language grow. I would also like to see this fundamental character of the language in a larger arena of global and the local inter mingling.  As anytime the universals or to use a contemporary usage ‘global’ always interacts with native or local and creates a hybrid culture.


A Profile on Anil Thambai by Kathryn Morris


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