Allison Shockley


 Allison Shockley is an Atlanta based multi-media artist who has been making and exhibiting drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography in various galleries in Atlanta and nationally since 1998. She received her B.F.A at the Atlanta College of Art and her M.F.A. at the Savannah College of Art and Design. No matter what the medium, Shockley’s work examines free-flowing organic form, which recalls both microcosmic and macrocosmic worlds. Recent drawings and sculptures feature a fluid, primordial ooze that appears to be caught in a moment of flux. Although the “ooze” may contain plant and animal signifiers, it is not intended to represent any particular life form – instead, it is intended to serve as a metaphor for what it is to be alive - to be in a constant state of growth and change

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