Alison Stinely



My works are investigations into personal guiding mythologies that illustrate ways that I have adopted unreasonable belief systems - for example, religious orthodoxies, superstition and cultural ideals of femininity. The female subjects depicted serve as proxies for my own contemporary experience of navigating society; an experience as personal as it is universal to all women. Formal decisions such as the distortion of anatomical structures and a saccharine palette draw on historical painting, while the incorporation of particular subjects suggest narratives pulled from religious stories that span many cultures and epochs. These qualities serve as historical references, but more importantly chronicle mythologies that continues to inform my experiences and actions.

Although the works are rather traditionally structured figurative paintings, it is both conventional material handling and digital automation that animate their somewhat lurid and violent nature. My studio practice combines many processes including 3D modeling and printing, diorama construction, and observational painting techniques. The palette is highly saturated and the rectangle overloaded; these painterly qualities coupled with the incorporation of sculptural elements reinforce the intrusive content of the paintings. The three-dimensional forms push beyond the rectangle and allow the painted narrative to spill into the space of the viewer.   Upcoming exhibit: Gilded Splinters


Alison Stinely was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania.  She received her BFA in Painting from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and her MFA in Painting from Indiana University located in Bloomington, Indiana. She is an Assistant Professor of Painting at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.

Alison’s work has been shown in many juried and invitational exhibits nationally.  She has also been the recipient of many awards and honors and is a two time winner of the prestigious Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant.  Most recently, her solo exhibition “Nocturnal Emissions” was featured on and her work “Rib Meat” has been featured in issue 198 of Juxtapoz Magazine. Her work is in many private collections both domestically and abroad, including the Howard Tullman Collection (Chicago, IL).

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